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To make sure the WD My Passport to be recognized on your computer, you have to reboot the computer in safe mode. Click the Windows (Start) icon and then click the Gear (Settings) icon. The Settings window will open. Select the Update & Security option The second quick fix to WD My Passport Ultra not detected issue is to change a different USB cable. WD My Passport Ultra not detected Windows 10 issue can be caused by faulty USB cable. So before you try fixes target to your WD My Passport Ultra disk, you can try using a different USB cable and then check if it appears My Passport SE 1TB is no longer recognized - WD Portable Drives - WD Community. I have 2 My Passport SE 1 TB drives. One of them is now acting up. The drive was working fine. Here is some info: - I plug it into the USB port (I tried Win7 and XP). I hear the plug in sound. But the drive does … I have 2 My Passport SE 1 TB drives About the WD Passport not recognized issue. One option for an external hard drive is a WD Passport. As with any other removable media, errors can appear. In this article, the WD Passport not recognized issue will be analyzed, including the most suitable methods for correcting the situation and retrieve all the accumulated information on this disk. Method 1. Try another USB port. I have have a 250 GB WD passport which I bought Two years ago.It works fine yesterday untill I formated it using my PC windows 7.I made a back-up on my PC before formatting it but Unfortunately I returned it back to my WD without knowing that It will not be recognized anymore after I reconnect it the next time..Id like to recover my file?device manager shows that it was enabled.I tried to.

I have three Passport Ultra's - 2 2TB and one 1TB. For some reason they stopped being recognized on my Lenovo Y50-70 laptop computer. They are still functioning properly with an older computer and they used to work fine until this weekend. I run Windows 10 on this computer and have tried the troubleshoot option in devices and printers (which see the Passport Ultra as a device). It says it is missing the driver and takes me through the driver update and restart sequence, but at the end of. Got a 1TB that I've had for a few years now and it's used solely for videos. It's been used in between my 2 WD media players Not tonight, it's not being recognized by either player and when I hook it up, it's coming up as a RAW drive and is not accessiable. Please help, I need to recover this data. I could care less about the drive but I need the data Good evening, I attempted to update my passport 320gb essential HD today and now it is no longer recognized. BY that I mean that the light comes on, and the drive spins up but windows does not recognize that anything is plugged into the USB. I have updated the smartware, and attempted to rescan with the firmware updater but nothing is happening. I have attempted this on Windows 10 64 bit, and a Windows 8.1 laptop 64 bit. I have checked for disabled devices in device manager also and nothing.

Western Digital My Passport Ultra Data Recovery (1TB)

I have a 2TB Western Digital USB External Hard Disk ( My Passport Ultra Model) It's suddenly no longer recognized by windows when plugged in and if I open winodws device manager I see that device manager is getting refreshed many times but fails to install the drive. The strange thing is that if I plug it in to a USB 2 port (I have 2X USB WD My Passport 4TB no longer recognized by R7000 after format. About a year ago, I purchased a 4 TB Western Digital My Passport ( WDBYFT0040BBK-WESN) and have had it connected to my Nighthawk R7000 router for a long time with no issue. Recently, I had to use the drive as removable media for restoring my Windows PC, which wiped the contents of the. My WD external hard drive just suddenly stopped being recognized by my computer while I was watching a movie. The light still comes on and it doesn't make any clicking noise, but it just doesn't show up on my computer anymore. I've tried initializing it, but it keeps saying the media is write protected and wouldn't let me. So I'm really. My WD Backup has stopped working suddenly. Thankfully, MiniTool ShadowMaker easily automatically backs up my files to My Passport drive. Click to tweet. If you are bothered by WD Backup not working in Windows 10/8.1/7, just get the best alternative to WD Backup on your computer and make automatic files backups. Additionally, you can also.

If you have already checked your USB port and all the ports are not recognizing the WD my passport Ultra, you can try changing the USB cable. In some cases, the USB cable becomes faulty and the computer becomes hesitant in recognizing the WD my passport Ultra drive. So, you can get a new USB cable to attach your hard drive with the computer Though it's no longer a new problem that external hard drive fails to work or suddenly fail to show up in PC. But it's still a tough issue for ordinary users when their external hard drive, USB or SD card etc devices suddenly become unrecognized, not working or responding in PC. Here below, you'll find 1 quick fix and 4 methods to fix WD external hard drive not working issue. If your external.

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Fix WD My Passport Not Showing Up/Detected Error in 2021

  1. My CF Card reader is no longer recognized either. My Samsung Galaxy S5 works well. Both the WD My Passport Ultra drives and my card reader still work with my older ThinkPad, which runs Windows 7. So it is not a drive issue nor a cable issue. When I look in Devices and Printers, the WD My Passport Ultra does show up. It has the warning sign next.
  2. I'm using a WD Passport Ultra 1TB external hard drive as the back-up device for my computer, and it worked perfectly for the last few months. Today, when I was trying to do a back-up, I connected this device to my computer, but it was not showing up. I can see the device as a large USB storage device in the device manager. I have tried to uninstall it and reconnect it. I have tried to reboot.
  3. 3/ If you don't have data on the WD My Passport or if you have succeeded to make a backup FORMAT the MY Passport drive, which will take perhaps 20 hours. I interrupted my formatting after 2 hours and restarted the machine and quick formatted it in a few seconds.** Mine works perfectly now. Copied around 500 GB on to it without problems and usable on at least 2 machines it did not work on before

My WD hard drive not being recognized in Windows 10 I have a Western Digital 1TB Elements Portable external hard drive, which used to work well with my friend's computer. However, I found that WD Elements not showing in my computer File Explorer after I connected it to my computer running Windows 10 Question: Q: MacBook Pro No Longer Recognizes WD My Passport External Hard Drive. Unexpectedly, my MBP stopped recognizing my WD My Passport external hard drive. Mac: Mid 2010 15 MBP . OS: OS X Yosemite (10.10.5) in the process of downloading and updating to OS El Capitan. Mods: Increased RAM to 8 GB. External Hard Drive: WD My Passport 1 TB. P/N: ***** S/N: WX*****052. As mentioned. To resolve Wd External Hard Drive Not Recognized issue,contact our technical team by clicking the call button displayed on this screen. Disclaimer. Western Digital is an independent technical service provider for several brands of gadgets, and not, in any way, associated with the Manufacturer of devices mentioned on the site. All the images, trademarks, and symbols indicated in the site are. Windows 10 does not recognize western digital My passport external hard drive. after upgrading to the anniversary update, My external drive is not accessible. I can access it on other PC's. On the current PC I can only see the drive name but no drive letter. I have also updated the Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based.

My WD MyPassport USB drive is no longer recognized by my Windows Desktop after one of the December updates. The drive no longer shows up as a connected device. If I go to Device Manager, it is 'hidden'; I can force it to be shown in Device Manager; does not help. No drive letter is assigned What's the exact model of the WD External drive? I would check if the drive is visible in BIOS, Device Manager or Disk Management. I'd also check for any new updated regarding the OS, storage controller, BIOS or the drivers themselves. You could also check the drive on another computer with the same or different OS to see if the problem comes from the drive or from the OS. If you get the drive to be recognized anywhere I would run WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool in order to see if the.

Fix WD wdbbep0010bbk MY PASSPORT '''Not recognized & Not opening'''firmware:https://support.wdc.com/product.aspx?A7YddCGmhfLS+kRl5tezUA==#WD_downloadsThanks : Proceed with the steps that are given below to fix the WD My Passport Problems. Step 1: Replacing the USB cable. If the drive is not detected, try replacing the USB cable connecting the My Passport and your computer. Try connecting the USB cable to another port on the computer. Step 2: Run the Windows troubleshooter Solutions for the problem. Check USB cable and port. When connecting the WD drive to the computer, make sure the USB cable is not damaged, and if it is, then replace the USB cable. Also, check if the USB port to which you are connecting the cable is working. Otherwise, connect it to the other USB ports on the computer

Windows 10 doesn't recognize WD My Passport drive as it

To obtain permission in order to remove access denied on My Passport, follow the guide carefully: Step 1. Connect WD drive to your PC, right-click on the WD My Passport external hard drive and select Properties. Step 2. Click the Security tab Wd passport not recognized - Best answers Wd10jmvw not detected - Best answers WesternDigital My Passport lights up, but not detected on PC - Forum - Hard Drive/SS Click disk drives and check if there is a yellow exclamation mark with WD hard drive disk device. If it is, right-click WD hard drive, choose Properties and click Update Driver under Driver tab or click on Uninstall. Then, you can restart computer to see whether the WD hard drive is recognized by Windows 10 I have a WD My Passport Ultra 260D that's only about three months old and it stopped being recognized a few days ago, while it was still plugged in. It shows up in Device Manager under disk drives and also shows the WD Drive Management devices. If I right click the drive to show Properties it will say it is working properly, the driver is updated, but if i click on the Volumes tab it doesn.

How to Fix WD My Passport Access Denied in Windows 10/8/7

  1. My WD Backup has stopped working suddenly. Thankfully, MiniTool ShadowMaker easily automatically backs up my files to My Passport drive. Click to tweet. If you are bothered by WD Backup not working in Windows 10/8.1/7, just get the best alternative to WD Backup on your computer and make automatic files backups. Additionally, you can also use this backup software to create a system image so as to restore the PC to a previous state in the event of system breakdown
  2. In shooting another video for Call That Geek, I found that my WD Passport not recognized in the system. This caused an issue as I needed windows 10 to recog... This caused an issue as I needed.
  3. I have a WD My Passport SSD hard drive for recording on the TV. I staked these out on me and wanted to give them to my father for his television. His television recognized it first, then asked for formatting. I agree to the formatting so that my saved data will be deleted. After formatting, his television no longer recognized the hard drive as a storage medium. I then tried to read out the.
  4. Fix WD external hard drive not recognized error. Here you have two methods to follow and fix WD external hard drive not recognized or undetectable error in Windows 10/8/7: Method 1. Reboot PC into Safe Mode to make WD external hard drive recognizable. Go to Setting > Update & security. Tab on Recovery > Advanced Startup > Restart now
  5. I have the Lenovo Y50-70 (running Windows 10) and my external WD My Passport Ultra drives are no longer recognized (They worked fine until 3 days ago). My CF Card reader is no longer recognized either. My Samsung Galaxy S5 works well. Both the WD My Passport Ultra drives and my card reader still work with my older ThinkPad, which runs Windows 7. So it is not a drive issue nor a cable issue

My WD Passport Ultra 2TB external hard drive is not showing up in explorer when I plug it into the Diskpart, or Disk management no matter how long I wait. In order to make the 2TB WD to show, I have to process the following steps every time I connect this 2TB external hard drive: First, plug in the USB cable halfway through any one of my desktop computer's USB ports. Then, wait for the. As mentioned earlier, my MBP stopped recognizing my WD My Passport external hard drive last night. Leading up to this, it sat for about 5 or 6 days while I was away exploring Yosemite National Park. When I got home, I transferred over 20 GB of photos my hard drive which was estimated to take 5 hours. I let it up transfer while I slept. In the AM, I unmounted the hard drive and let it go while I was at work. When I returned home I moved photos in the Lightroom and did a few edits before. I have been using a WD MyPassport external hard drive with the Time Machine software to back up my MacBook Air since January, but in the past few months the computer won't recognize the drive!!! There is no external power for the drive, and when I connect the USB cord the white power light does come on for the MyPassport, but it still won't show up anywhere on my Mac. I also tried plugging it into my boyfriend's PC, and the same thing happened (white power light came on but the computer.

WD My passport not Recognized when Plugged in - Windows 10

  1. If the WD My Passport for Mac drive is still not showing up in Finder or on the desktop, you can see whether it is showing up in Disk Utility or not. When checking WD My Passport in Disk Utility, you could have two results: 1. Your WD My Passport drive is detected and showing up in Disk Utility, but it is greyed out or not mounting. 2. Your WD.
  2. WD Passport drive showing up with Unallocated in disc management Hi every body So it was working fine, i turned off my computer and went to bed, when turned it on the next morning the drive was no longer showing up so i checked disc management and it was in there as unallocated, the only options that are there when i right click are: Properties and help
  3. Data loss: The data that you have copied over to the WD My Password seems to be not there the next time you look for it. This happens when the drive is no longer able to hold the data that is being written on it. Broken files: Files that perfectly worked on your internal hard drive seems to be broken if you move it over to the external hard drive. This arises from the inability of the hard disk to save a file or properly read a saved file
  4. If you have tried to connect the external hard drive to PS4 and it wouldn't get recognized in the first place, you need to make sure of the following things. Make sure the external hard drive is NOT defective/damaged. You can only confirm that when you connect it to a computer
  5. Next, proceed with WD My Passport repair tools as recommended here if the data cable is perfectly intact. What are the WD My Passport repair tools? You can feel free to use many Windows inbuilt programs as perfect WD My Passport repair tools, including Windows Disk Management, Windows CHKDSK Comand Prompt, and Windows Troubleshooter. They are all supposed to tackle hardware device problems of.
  6. my WD is dropped and whenever i plug in it asks me to format the Drive G? so is it possible to recovery my files back ? 11/19/2018 by Frieda Vance. I dropped my My Passport Ultra, and is makes a whirring sound, but does not link up with my computer. Can I recover my data on the disk? 05/11/2020 by William Brown-Jensen. Add a comment . 0 /1024. Cancel Post comment. The All-New. Pro Tech Toolkit.

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  1. Wd Passport For Mac No Longer Recognized. By concsecepre1984 Follow | Public. By connecting Google Drive, Dropbox, or Amazon to your computer, you get more space for securely accessing and sharing files. Apple likes to ensure these are easy to find, so they also appear in the Finder in the left-hand column under Devices, since Macs treat them the same way as another computer. Its annoying.
  2. My WD My Passport 2TB Portable External Hard Drive has suddenly become unreadable on my laptop (MacBook Pro Server with macOS 10.12 Sierra) and I have tried on a MacBook Pro 2011 running 10.13 High Sierra with the same results
  3. It happens to WD My passport, WD My Book, WD Elements and Easystore, etc. If you are one of those who are wondering: Why Mac won't recognize my WD hard drive? How can I make the WD hard drive detected and work on Mac again? Can I fix WD hard drive that not showing up on Mac without losing important data? You are in the right place to make the WD hard drive recognized by: 1. Trying six quick.
  4. Question: Q: WD My Passport Ultra no longer recognised in Windows 7. Hi, about a week ago my external hard drive is no longer recognised on my Macbook Air in Windows 7. In MacOS it works flawlessly. It is for sure some kind of a software issue but I cannot my wrap my head around it. Could you help me? Thanks . More Less. MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5) Posted on Nov 26, 2014 12:43 PM.

- Maybe something like a key/sector is damaged and the USB bridge can no longer decrypt the data ? Re: WD5000BMVV My Passport not recognized. January 19th, 2017, 3:30 . Yes, I can clone by SATA but no tools to decrypt it because I believe it is 128-bit encryption instead of 256-bit. Re: WD5000BMVV My Passport not recognized. January 19th, 2017, 6:56. I would suggest buying the correct tools. Fix No Writable WD Smartware Partition Found and Recover Data. WD My Passport not recognized or become inaccessible in Windows or Mac due to No writable WD SmartWare partition found error? Here, useful instructions and tutorials are created to help you fix the issue on Western digital hard drive and recover lost partition data WD My Passport 4TB no longer recognized by R7000 after format. Check the external storage device for multiple disk partitions, remove all, and recreate a single partition with an NTFS file system. FWIW: There is no exFAT support, neither on any Netgear router nor on ReadyNAS as of writing. Re: WD My Passport 4TB no longer recognized by R7000 after format . I used diskpart and found a reserved. My Passport; My Cloud Home; My Cloud; My Book; Internal Drives / SSDs; WD Elements / WD easystore; Embedded & Removable Flash; WD ReadyView; Legacy & Other Products; Downloads WD Software; Product Firmware; Product Downloads; Warranty & Returns Warranty Services; Warranty Policy; Data Recovery; Shipping Addresse Wd my passport light on but not working - Best answers; External USB hard drive doesn't show up in My Computer - Forum - Hard Drive/SSD; Western Digital - My Passport not detected - Forum - Hard Drive/SSD; Western digital 1TB external hard drive not recognized by PC - Forum - Hard Drive/SSD; WD External Drive missing in my computer - Forum - Hard Drive/SSD; My 1TB Western Digital My Passport.

Additionally, Western Digital's My Passport external hard drive works with both Windows and macOS right off the bat. This means you no longer have to worry about compatibility issues when using the same hard drive on different operating systems. It comes in different storage sizes too, ranging from 1TB to an impressive 5TB. This gives you. This short video should show how i fixed the beeping problem of my WD My Passport Ultra. The HDD is around 6 months old and the problem occurred from one day.. The connected WD My Passport drive should be automatically mounted on the desktop, in Finder and Disk Utility. When it won't mount on Mac as you expect, you can try these methods. 1. Show the mounted WD My Passport for Mac hard drive on Mac destop. Sometimes, the My Passport drive is recognized and mounted by the Mac, and you just don't see it. Part 2: How to Solve My WD Hard Drive Not Recognized in Windows. Follow the next quick fixes to help you solve WD external hard drive not recognized in Windows and make your hard disk working on the computer. 1. Check WD Hard Drive with Disk Management. You can try checking the Disk management utility to see if the hard drive is showing up there or not. With Disk Management you can initialize.

My Passport worked fine with a longer lead as well - but then for some reason the WD 250 GB Passport failed to connect again - despite working pefectly on 4 PC's including an old pentium 3 model. It seemed to have this happen after the last Windows XP update - but I honestly doubt if that's the reason. I know this is a bit simple, but it surprised me! So I hope this thread is of some help to. It seems that my WD 1TB external hard drive cannot be recognized on my PC but the light is on. The flashlight of WD external hard drive continuously blinking when I connect the drive with USB cable. But the problem is that the WD hard drive still not working when I connect it to a new USB cable with the PC. Nothing is detected. Do you know how to make the WD external hard drive to show up and. Windows would no longer show the External as attached to my computer. No matter how many times I click on the icon in the task bar for WD SmartWare, it will never come back up. I have to restart my PC everytime so I can renter the External. I then installed all WD software from the Control Panel, didn't change anything or help at all The hard drive has NO SATA connection !!

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Why My WD My Passport Not Accessible? Simple Solutio

Good day Everybody, I just bought a brand new Inspiron 7577 gaming laptop. Installed a fresh copy of windows 10. My USB 3.1 ports do recognize my USB 2.0 thumb drives with no problems but cannot read my USB 3.0 external HDD. the HDD proved to be working fine on another Laptop running. The drives on. Where to buy - http://amzn.to/2q192P8Bookmark this link and shop on Amazon to help support this channel: http://amzn.to/1NYagS1Go Here to Donate - http://bit.. How to disassemble WD My Passport 2T

Top 6 Solutions: WD My Passport Ultra not Detected Windows

The WD My Passport unit is sold as a USB3 external drive, said also to be compatible with USB2. Now, the 5 VDC supply of power from a USB2 port is limited to 0.5 amps max, but USB3 increased that limit to 0.9 amps. Almost all Laptop Hard Drives require more than 0.5 amps, but not more than 0.9. So, these USB3 units DO work just fine when plugged into a USB3 port using a USB3 cable. But no. I have WD Passport 1TB and I had used it with two partitions (Mac OS and NTFS) for years with my Mac Mini 10.6.8. until after a pause of about a year it is no longer recognized by Mini. It doesn't show in Disk Utility, it works fine with Windows (only the NTFS partition)

My Passport SE 1TB is no longer recognized - WD Portable

Now, a recently purchased WD My Passport USD 3.0 2 Tb drive won't be read on the fresh machine. There is a windows ding-dong chime when it is attached/ unattached. Win Disk manager, Easus, Glary 5, Stellar Phoenix do not register the drive. The drive can be read, and functions with other Win 7 pro units First use a very short USB cable, like 1.5 ft or less. Then try plugging it into a different XP machine/UBCD machine. Failing that, here is something you can do as a last resort, but may void your warranty and cause data loss: take the internal drive out of the enclosure and connect it via SATA, assuming that's how it's set up. My System Specs I have a WD My Passport portable USB hard drive which one of my computers can't detect when plugged in. It doesn't show up in My computer, Device Manager or Disk Management. The only way to get the device recognized is to reboot the computer with it connected, enter BIOS (and do nothing), and reboot again. The drive works fine on my other computer. It has the WD Unlocker Software built in USB 3.0 - WD Passport 1 GB not recognized by Windows 8 and 8.1 ‎03-18-2014 10:42 AM - last edited on ‎03-06-2017 09:48 AM by OscarFuentes Hi azeripatriot

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[Error] WD Passport Not Recognized DiskInternal

Can anyone help me solve this issue? I would really appreciate your help on this. I just bought an external HDD WD My Passport 1TB and pasted some movies to it, however my LG tv won't recognize this device when the HDD is connected to the USB HDD port of the TV. I already done reformatting of my external HDD but still my LG TV won't recognize it WD My Passport - no longer recognised . Archive View Return to standard view. last updated - posted 2013-Jan-11, 2:42 pm AEST posted 2013-Jan-11, 2:42 pm AEST User #81971 2418 posts. Cinder. Whirlpool Forums Addict reference: whrl.pl/RdqWB6. posted 2013-Jan-10, 3:59 pm AEST ref: whrl.pl/RdqWB6. posted 2013-Jan-10, 3:59 pm AEST O.P. I've been using this drive on my PC for 6 months with no. My Passport external hard drive no longer recognized by the computer. Help

Why does my computer no longer recognize my WD Passport drive

I am having WD My passport Ultra (1tb) and its not recognized in any USB 3.0 ports, after initial one time! If I try my HDD in any USB 2.0 ports its recognized instantly. I tried reinstalling drivers from device manager, but same problem. PS:.. External hard drive not showing up also occurs when the partition on the external hard drive has no drive letter. To make the hard drive show up, you just run MiniTool Partition Wizard and add a drive letter to it. At the disk map, select the partition that has no drive letter and choose Change Drive Letter from the action panel The simplest and most widely effective fix for this issue is to simply add a Windows Credential for your WD My Cloud account to the credentials list on your Windows 10 computer. To do so, you need to: Right-click on the Start Menu to open the WinX Menu I dropped my wd passport ultra external drive for my computer and now there is a loud clicking noise and it will not show up on my laptop and when it does it shows up as something else which I still can't access. Is there any way I can get this fixed and where? Answered! View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers . Is this a good question? Yes No. Score 0. Cancel. Add a.

My Passport Ultra no longer recognized - WD Portable

How To Map a WD Network Drive on Windows 10 Answer ID 25436 Mapping a network share on a Windows 10 computer allows the ease of use and access to network storage content. Important: My Cloud, My Cloud Home, or My Passport Wireless products are not detected under Windows 10 Network For My Passport W ireless products, please refer to Answer ID 24800: My Passport Wireless Samba SMBv2 Connection. Step 1: Run MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition. Step 2: In the left pane of the main interface, select the unknown external hard drive and click Rebuild MBR from Check Disk menu. You can also right-click the target disk and select this function. Step 3: You will be prompted back to the main interface I recently came into possession of a 500GB Passport marked for Macintosh, needed to be repartitioned and formatted for use on Windows. If using on both Mac and Windows could use exFAT formatting. I have 2 WDC 4TB USB drives that came as exFAT, the packaging is marked as usable on both Mac and Windows I am having almost the identical problem with my WD My Passport 0740 USB Device, only my device has only been used in my laptop and desktop computer. Next, in the For Windows area, click the driver required. 1.04.2018 Download Easy Driver Pro and follow the instructions above I plug WD passport into my Cannot get Windows 7 to recognize my WD passport driver Link given below is for Western Digital hard drive drivers download, Windows Driver Download Center

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1TB Passport No longer recognized - WD Portable Drives

I just accessed the drive in File Explorer and double-clicked the WD Apps Setup file. After a moment, the WD Apps Setup wizard, shown in Figure A, appeared on the screen. Figure Your 2TB WD My Passport is dead - the HDD inside. And unfortunately, because your Passport is 1. hardware encrypted by an encrypt/decrypt chip inside the enclosure and 2. that enclosure electronics is integrated into the HDD, no DIY data recovery is possible. You may contact some Professional Data Recovery Agency in your region

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I have two exterior hard drives I use to back up my files, a WD My Passport 1 Terrabyte and a Solo IO Safe 500 gigabyte. They both worked fine with Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit until about a month or so ago. Now Windows doesn't recognize either one unless I unplug it and plug it back in. I can access the files etc. once my computer recognizes the. Home/How To's/ Fix: WD My Passport Ultra not detected. Fix: WD My Passport Ultra not detected. By Kevin Arrows May 1, 2019. 4 minutes read . My Passport is a series of portable external hard drives produced by Western Digital. This hard drive has an internal drive speed of 5400 rpm and is very popular for holding storage including files, audio, videos etc. Many users owning this drive reported. Currently I have two WD external drives, (My Book 2.0 & My Book 3.0) connected via USB to one of my Windows Server 2012 R2 machines. These are working fine. I purchased a new My Book 3.0 and connected it to the server; it was not recognized. I took the same new external HDD and connected it to a Windows 8.1 machine; it showed up immediately and seems to work fine. Putting this external HDD. WD's My Passport boxes automatically encrypt data as it is written to disk and decrypt the data as it is read back to the computer. The devices use 256-bit AES encryption, and can be password-protected: giving the correct password enables the data to be successfully accessed. Now, a trio of infosec folks - Gunnar Alendal, Christian Kison and modg - have tried out six models in the WD My.

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