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Overall, you can look at the minor as an opportunity to round up your studies and get the most out of your higher education. Together with your major, minor studies will bring an extra sparkle to your resume. How to choose your major and minor during your undergraduate studies in the U.S. Don't feel pressured to pick a university major right away. You can wait until the end of your second year of study (sophomore year) to take a decision Damit du deinem Studium selbst eine individuelle Richtung geben kannst, gibt es in den Niederlanden das Major-Minor-System. Ein Major ist der Bachelor-Studiengang, den du studierst, d.h. dein Hauptfach. Innerhalb deines Bachelor-Studiengangs kannst du einen oder mehrere Minors wählen, um dich weiter zu spezialisieren und dein berufliches Profil zu schärfen. Ein Minor ist mit einem Nebenfach zu vergleichen An academic minor is a college or university student's declared secondary academic discipline during their undergraduate studies. As with a major , the college or university in question lays out a framework of required classes or class types a student must complete to earn the minor - although the latitude the student is given changes from college to college A major is your primary area of study at McGill. For example, you could pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Major in History, Linguistics, or Sociology, to name just a few possibilities. The specific requirements for a major vary from program to program. A minor is an area of secondary concentration

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Majors, extended majors and minors are available in undergraduate comprehensive courses or where you have enough free electives. They enable you to concentrate on your area of interest from day one or decide on your preferred major at a later stage. Majors have eight units studied over three years, minors have four units studied over at least two years and extended majors have 12 units studied over three years Global Cinema Minor; Global Studies Major, B.A. Greek Minor; H. Health and Society Minor; Health Policy and Management Major, B.S.P.H. Heritage and Global Engagement Minor; Hindi-Urdu Minor; Hispanic Studies Minor; History Major, B.A. History Minor; Human and Organizational Leadership and Development, B.A. Human Development and Family Studies, B.A.Ed.

Degrees: Minor, BA, Cert (UG), Cert (G) Audio Production Performing Arts, CAS. Degrees: BA, Cert (G) Audio Technology Performing Arts, CAS. Degrees: Minor, BS, MA. Academic Fields beginning with the letter B. Behavior, Cognition, and Neuroscience Neuroscience, CAS. Degrees: PhD. Biochemistry Chemistry, CAS. Degrees: Minor, BS. Biology Biology, CAS. Degrees: BS, M Major - A major sequence at Bond University typically comprises at least six defined subjects within one discipline area. Minor - A minor sequence of four subjects within one discipline area. Minors are only available in some programs and do not appear on your testamur University wide minors. A minor is a set of related units in a particular study area. You may be able to choose one from another area of the University if your course rules allow. Minors consists of 48 credit points with the introductory units having no prerequisites. Later units may have earlier units as prerequisites History. The roots of the academic major as we now know it first surfaced in the 19th century as alternative components of the undergraduate degree. Before that, all students receiving an undergraduate degree would be required to study the same slate of courses geared at a comprehensive liberal education.. In 1825, the University of Virginia initiated an educational approach that would. Explore the majors and minors offered across USC's study areas

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  1. or is the part in your bachelor's program in which you are free to choose the courses you want to study. With this
  2. Majors and Minors Majors and Minors. Our programs are designed to educate and inspire — while preparing you for a rewarding future. Find Your Program. Program Type. School/Department. Program Format.
  3. or is a secondary subject that complements your major. Minors require 8-10 courses and provide breadth to your degree. They can be within your faculty or from a different faculty. There are
  4. ors, plus pre-professional advising programs for prehealth and prelaw students. In addition, an option is available for students who have not yet chosen a major
  5. Majors and Minors: A - Z. Accounting. Major, Graduate Program. Advertising and Digital Media. Major, Minor, Certificate. Anthropology. Major, Minor. Art and Graphic Design. Major, Minor, Graduate Program
  6. or is de ruimte in je programma die je zelf kunt invullen. Met de
  7. or Ancient Greek Establish a foundation in the roots of Western art, history, and civilization, as well as the ways in which creative imagination and cultural production are linked to these historical processes
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Education and Teacher Certification. Sspecial: Secondary Teacher Education. Electrical Engineering. MMajor mMinor. Electrical Engineering Online. MMajor. Energy Science, Technology and Policy. mMinor. Engineering Chemistry Keele is one of the few universities to offer major/minor options in the sciences and maths. Students normally have to meet entry requirements for both parts of the degree course in the same way. Over 75 academic units in LSA combine to provide over 85 majors, subplans, and other degree programs as well as over 100 minors. Use the list below to get more information on majors, minors, and the departments and programs that administer them Uni­ver­sitätsal­lee 1, 21335 Lüne­burg Open Con­sul­ta­ti­on Hours (Without an appointment) Tue 2 - 4 PM Thu 4 - 6 PM studienberatung.college @ leuphana.d Many students change their mind about what to major in. That's why we have you declare your major at the end of first year for Honours Arts and for Honours Arts and Business. You'll have time to explore before committing to a major. In second year, when you make a decision about a major, you can add an optional double major, minor, or specialization

Spanning four undergraduate schools, Penn's majors allow students to integrate their interests and approach learning from an interdisciplinary perspective. All Penn students complete foundational coursework in the liberal arts and sciences along with a major area of study within their undergraduate school In den Wahlpflichtbereichen 1 und 2 wählen Sie aus drei möglichen Fächern eines als Major (20 ECTS-Punkte) und eines als Minor (15 ECTS-Punkte). Es ist nicht möglich, das gleiche Fach als Major und Minor zu belegen. Bei der Bewerbung auf den Masterplatz müssen Sie verbindlich angeben, welche Fächer Sie als Major und Minor auswählen möchten. Sie erhalten dann zusammen mit der Zulassung die zusätzliche Information, ob Sie Ihre Wunschkombination oder eine ebenfalls anzugebende. University of Birmingham. Browse our Undergraduate Major/Minor courses Majors and Minors; Majors and Minors. Study in one or more of Emory University's 80+ majors and 60+ minors for your degree. Your two years at Oxford will give you a great beginning toward the major you choose for your Emory undergraduate degree. Division. Search. Accounting. Major. African American Studies. Humanities Major / Minor. African Studies. Major. American Studies. Humanities Major.

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University of Birmingham. Browse our Undergraduate Major/Minor courses Students who wish to declare, drop or change a major or minor should follow these steps: Schedule an appointment with the undergraduate advising head (UAH) for the major or minor that you wish to add, drop or change. You can find a list of undergraduate advising heads on the Academic Services website New Student Services McMullen Hall First Floor East 1500 University Drive Billings, MT 59101-0245 406-657-2888 or 1.800.565.6782 x2888 admissions@msubillings.edu Home › Undergraduate Catalog Changing Major, Minor or Certificate: Applications to change majors within the college or to add a minor or certificate program must be submitted within the first seven weeks of each term. Adding Minor or Certificate: To add a minor or certificate, contact the Office of Undergraduate Student Affairs and complete the Application for Update of Program(s)

A minor major is not considered a second major. Eligibility. Students who have been registered for more than three semesters shall apply with the prescribed form early in the semester. Students who pursue a minor major at a campus other than their home campus can only take such courses until they acquire the credits required for the minor major Your liberal arts major is just one of the building blocks of your future. Our graduates succeed in a broad array of careers—law, health care, medicine, business, government, teaching, public relations and marketing, arts and entertainment, international relations, and more. About Majors & Minors. Declare a Major or Minor

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A UW-Superior online or on-campus Self-Designed Major might be the perfect fit. This option allows students to customize and name their own major to meet their unique interests and career goals. Choose from a number of previously-designed majors or work with an advisor to create your own. PROGRAM. LOCATION Adding a minor in History will add a whole new dimension to your current major and your future career, whether in education, law, business, the media, public policy, or the arts. Requirements 15 Credit hours of History (HIST) courses, at least 9 credits of which must be taken on the IUB campus

Majors and Minors. The following is a list of majors available from departments in the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences. Minors are indicated in parentheses following the major; they comprise a basic introduction in a field of study. The related area may represent a thematic cluster, geographic grouping, or some other combination. The primary area of specialization is known as the major, and the secondary area of specialization, is known as the minor. This provision allows students to balance their divergent interests by exploring the Social Sciences or Business along with coursework in the Humanities or even the Physical and Natural Sciences. It also allows them to combine programs with a research and academic focus such as International Studies and Psychology, with programs that involve more hands-on professional. Through nearly 90 majors, minors, and concentrations, students across every discipline graduate ready to become the scientists, lawyers, artists, and entrepreneurs they were meant to be. Explore our academic Undergraduate Majors and Minors University of the Pacific is fully accredited and offers more than 100 student-centered majors and minors, including 12 accelerated programs across our 10 schools and colleges. Each program at Pacific is delivered with our student-centered approach, giving you the support you need to excel on your educational journey Undergraduate Majors, Minors and Certificates. East Stroudsburg University's academic programs combine personalized teaching and real world experience to help you gain the knowledge and skills employers are looking for today. ESU's academic departments offer 58 undergraduate programs, plus several minor and certificate options. Graduate Programs. See Graduate Programs for ESU's master's and.

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Each major is accompanied by a minor, which students in other disciplines have the option to take to support their major area of study or to give more breadth to their business education. For example, it is common for students in the Finance Major to pursue a Minor in Economics or Minor in Accounting. Those in the Entrepreneurship or International Business Majors commonly complete a Marketing. Major and Minor Declarations. The Economics department has a two attempt/drop policy. This is a section of the Economics Department Polices from the 2020-2021 Bulletin. There are no requirements to declare a BA as major; however, no course for the major may be taken more than twice. For statistics and calculus courses, it will be considered as two attempts if students take two similar courses that have different course numbers (for example, MATH 220 and MATH 224/225). Students who. Offered as both a major and minor, Fairfield's American Studies program engages the idea of America as it has been culturally imagined and contested throughout history, both within and beyond U.S. national borders. The program draws from a wide range of courses in the arts, humanities, and social sciences to provide a thorough understanding of American culture, traditions, relationships, and.

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Undergraduate Majors and Minors . Find a list of undergraduate majors and minors in the undergraduate catalog. University of South Florida. Menu. About USF; Academics; Admissions; Locations; Campus Life; Research; Partner with USF; Administrative Units; Regulations & Policies; Human Resources; Work at USF ; Emergency & Safety; USF Health; USF Athletics; USF Alumni; Support USF; USF Libraries. On this page are the undergraduate majors and minors offered at SDSU

N.B.: University policy does not allow courses offered for Tier 1 General Education credit to be applied to any major or minor. Spanish or Portuguese Minor. We offer two minors: a minor in Spanish and a minor in Portuguese. Spanish Minor. Degree Requirements . The minor in Spanish consists of no less than 18-20 units of work beyond the 102 level, and must include at least nine units of upper. Declaring an Economics Major or Minor To declare a major or minor in Economics, take the following steps: Download and complete the Undergraduate Declaration of Major/Minor Form. Bring your completed form to our department office at 415 Calhoun Hall, and we will assign you a faculty member to serve as your adviser Complete the online Major/Minor declaration form (NetID required). A faculty advisor will follow up to schedule a meeting. If you do not hear from a faculty advisor within a week, please contact the College of Humanities Academic Advising Center (cohadv@email.arizona.edu). Declare Major/Minor Online For Declaring Majors and Minors Majors. Selecting your major and choosing an emphasis or minor allows you to focus your degree to meet your goals. Select a major with an emphasis or a minor, and select elective courses for a degree plan that gives you tools for success. Declaring a Major. Each candidate for graduation must select a major. We strongly recommend that you, the student, make this.

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Teaching minors indicated below with an asterisk (*), are state-approved programs for teacher certification for teaching at the secondary and/or elementary level. It is redundant to declare a major and a minor/concentration in the same field, and therefore not permitted Courses used for the major and/or minor core must not be duplicated within any other of the student's degree programs; that is, students may not overlap (double-count) courses for completing core major and minor requirements. Departmentally based minor programs are structured at the discretion of the sponsoring department, subject only to requirements 1, 2, 3, and 4 above. Interdisciplinary. Combined minor is an interdisciplinary minor program offered by certain departments. Combined minor program examples: College of Humanities Russian Studies Minor, Latin American Studies Minor, Data Science for the Humanities Minor College of Social Sciences European Studies Minor, Financial Economics Minor, Brain-Mind-Behavior Minor A listing of all majors and minors offered by Radford University sorted by individual colleges. Quick Links. RUC: Directory: Apply: Jobs: Alumni: Library: About. Who We Are; Where We Are; Our Vision, Mission and Core Values; Our History ; Code of Ethics; Administration; Offices & Departments; Careers; Social Media Directory; Rankings and Accolades; The Magazine of Radford University; Economic. Kleiner Schwerpunkts (Minor) im Bereich der Kognitions- und Neurowissenschaften Modul PsyMSC3A KOG: Cogito Ergo Sum Einführungsmodul. Ringvorlesung von wechselnden Expertendozenten, geht vom Elementaren zum Komplexen vor. Ziel: Es soll ein einheitlicher Wissenstand aufgebaut und Neugier aufgebaut und Neugier auf weiteres geweckt werden

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Majors. From Accounting to World Religions, it's safe to say that between our nine undergraduate colleges and 250+ programs, there's a major for everyone. While most undergrad programs at the Athens campus are designed to be completed in four years, there are also some two-year degree programs Many mathematics majors choose to complete second majors in computer science, electrical engineering, economics, and finance, among other fields. Minor Programs We offer four minor programs: two generalized minors designed for students pursuing non-education degrees, one specifically for College of Education students, and one for students interested in actuarial science Search majors alphabetically Search majors by subject area. Oxford Minors. A minor is a specific program to be taken along with a major to complement your skills and increase your career opportunities. After you have declared a minor at the department office, you will be assigned an adviser from the department. Search minors alphabeticall The Major and Minor are open to all students across the University. Many PJ courses can count for core requirements and/or electives for another major. To learn more about how to integrate the Peace and Justice major or minor into your course of study, feel free to email the Director, Dr. Kathryn Getek Soltis or come into the office in Corr. Bond University major, minor and specialisation study areas. Bond University's flexible programs allow you to tailor your degree with majors, minors and specialisations for a variety of possible career paths. This page is designed to help you explore all of Bond University's diverse undergraduate and postgraduate options. We hope that you use this page to learn about Bond University's.

Double major. If you have two passions, you don't need to pick just one. In fact, picking two majors can allow you to bring insights from one field into another - which is a rare and valuable skill. Add a minor. Or minors. If you want to expand your skill set but keep your focus on your major, adding a minor can be the solution Academic Programs. Taylor University offers over 90 majors and minors that will challenge you and equip you for life. Not sure which academic track is right for you? If you're undecided about your major, see how Taylor's Pre-Major program can help.. No matter which major you choose, you will receive a whole-person education through our Christian liberal arts curriculum Major, Minor, Honours Memorial University offers B.Sc. degree programs at the St. John's campus and at Grenfell campus. The B.Sc. degree (general or honours) requires the completion of 120 credit hours (40 courses) and generally takes four years to complete

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  1. Concordia University Irvine's School of Education spans from an undergraduate Liberal Studies major to a doctorate in Educational Leadership. To be a master educator, you must first be a master learner. For this reason, it is our mission to empower students for a life of teaching, learning, and service to the community. View Schoo
  2. or is designed for students majoring in academic areas outside of the business school (non-business majors only) who wish to supplement their major studies with education in business topics. Learn mor
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  4. Bushnell University 828 E. 11th Ave. Eugene, Oregon, 97401. toll free: 877-463-6622 local: 541-684-7201 Our History; Office of the President. Board of Trustee
  5. ors in 15 academic colleges and an interdisciplinary Honors College. Whatever major you choose, you'll complete our Core Curriculum , a well-rounded program of course options that will strengthen your skills and expand your worldview

Majors, Minors and Graduate Programs. There's a lot to explore in UVM's academic ecosystem. With over 100 majors and almost 100 more opportunities for advanced degrees, our fields of study are broad and the intellectual pools are deep. And the best part is that ideas flow in all directions — English majors study economics, engineering majors study. <iframe height=0 src=https://www.googletagmanager.com/ns.html?id=GTM-TH4H34 style=display:none;visibility:hidden width=0></iframe> Hi - and this is entirely a US-focused answer: Your 'major' is your major field of study, the single area in which you take the most course hours (usually around 30 to 40 credit hours, out of about 120 hours total in four years of college) - usual.. Explore 100+ majors and minors offered at Campbell University Browse Majors & Minors by Area of Study Take a look at categorized lists of similar majors, minors and associate degrees offered at our main campus in Buies Creek or through Adult & Online Education (AOE) -- 100% online or at one of our extended campuses at Camp Lejeune, Fort Bragg & downtown Raleigh

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Majors and Minors. The College's 19 departments cover the arts, humanities and natural and social sciences. All of our departments offer a rigorous, distinctive learning environment that emphasizes a personalized education with opportunities for undergraduate research, scholarship and creative activity and individual faculty-led advising. Each of our majors builds on USD's Core Curriculum. Declaring or changing a major Certificates Minors Declaring or changing a major If you are a student in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, you must declare a degree-granting major by the time you earn 60 semester hours. The College makes very limited exceptions to this rule. Transfer students entering the College with 60 or more semester hours, students re-enterin Departments, Majors & Minors Choices, choices. With more than 80 majors and academic programs, six preprofessional options, and two five-year combined master's programs, you can design a course of study that meets your career goals minors: Actuarial Mathematics, Mathematics, Statistics Immersive Media Design (IMDM) - New major for freshmen beginning Fall 2021; Current UMD students can take courses beginning Spring 2021 Neuroscience (NEUR The Jurisprudence Major is an alternative to the Pre-Law Minor. A student may not enroll in both programs. 33 credits. In addition to the general criteria for admission to Montclair State University, all students must apply to and be admitted into Jurisprudence major. For entry into the program students must meet one of the following criteria

Explore the diverse range of majors and minors at Bluffton University that will challenge and prepare you for your next step At Gallaudet, you can choose from a wide range of majors to earn a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. Don't see what you are looking for here? Then create your own major! We also offer pre-business, pre-law and pre-medicine programs. Use the links on the left to learn more about our majors, minors and other programs. Majors and. Freie Universität Berlin offers undergraduate programs in a wide variety of subjects. Please be aware that except the Mono-Bachelor North American Studies undergraduate courses are taught only in German. Application and enrollment for all our undergraduate study programs require sufficient German skills. Application and Admission to Bachelor's Programs and State Examinations (Staatsexamen. Undergraduate Majors & Minors. Make it your own. Here, you can take charge by choosing the programs best suited to accomplishing your own unique goals. Alfred University offers 47 majors and over 65 minors in a wide range of areas. When we say you have choices - we mean it. Undecided about a major? You're not alone! Don't worry - many of our students start out as undecided. Here, you will be.

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Wilkes University offers more than 70 undergraduate majors and minors & graduate programs across academic disciplines for students both on-campus and online Follow these steps to change your major or minor or declare a major or minor for the first time. Note that you will still need to be accepted into the program Cornell University is a private research university that provides an exceptional education for undergraduates and graduate and professional students. Cornell's colleges and schools encompass more than 100 fields of study, with locations in Ithaca, New York, New York City and Doha, Qatar Students matriculating at Case Western Reserve University as first-year students may begin declaring their majors, though they are not required to do so, on November 1 if they matriculate in the fall semester and on April 1 if they matriculate in the spring semester. Transfer students may begin declaring their majors at the start of their first semester at Case Western Reserve. A choice or.

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